Panerai Luminor Replica Marina Stainless Steel Watch

This year, the Italian senior watch brand Panerai brought us five watch and the yacht race. As the official partner of the 35th America’s Cup, Panerai launched a special sailing regatta during the 2017 SIHH, including a commemorative chronograph watch for the America’s Cup and sponsored by Panerai The defending champion of the US Oracle team and other teams of special funds. Among them, there are cheap replica watches home today to introduce you to the brand for the Japanese Softbank team to build the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 SOFTBANK TEAM JAPAN 3 Days Automatic 3 days power reserve automatic watch. Here, take a look at it. (Watch model: PAM00732)

15 years later, adhering to the precise, dedicated, outstanding performance – SOFTBANK TEAM JAPAN core values, the Japanese Softbank again into the America’s Cup final, on behalf of the Kansai sailing Department played the America’s Cup, this time, by the internationally renowned captain Dean Barker helm. Coincides with the 2017 American Cup Regatta held the finalists, Panerai Replica specially manufactured and launched the Luminor Marina 1950 series 44 mm 3 days power reserve automatic steel watch, praise this legendary team, pay tribute to Japan’s maritime tradition.

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 series 44 mm 3 day power reserve automatic steel watch

The pillow case of the new watch is cast with AISI 316L stainless steel and has a diameter of 44 mm. It is impressive after matte processing. Lined with polished bezel, smooth lines and full color, full of ornamental.

Equipped with Panerai classic bridge protection device to protect the crown, against accidental impact, to protect up to 30 bar (about 300 meters) of waterproof performance, giving the brand full of brand recognition charm and reliability.
Black sandwich structure dial, large luminous rod-shaped and Arabic numerals and central luminous time when the two needle against each other, the time indicator is very intuitive, even in the dark or dark environment, is still extremely clear and easy to read. Eye-catching red luminous small seconds in the 9 o’clock position, and 3 times the location of the date of the window window, for the simple dial to add connotation function style. 6 above the standard, engraved with blue “AMERICA’S CUP” (American Cup) words, to show the commemorative significance of the watch.

Dense process design, so that the movement of water resistance is more superior. Solid screw-in stainless steel table bottom cover, engraved Softbank English team name “SOFTBANKTEAM JAPAN” and sailing pattern, commemorative meaning. Equipped by the Panerai self-developed P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement, with hours, minutes, small seconds and date display. The balance of the balance wheel to double support the plywood fixed, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz). It is worth mentioning that the installation of the engine stop in the crown will be suspended when the movement of the movement, so replica watches the timing is more accurate.

Black leather strap, hot pressing technology printed on both sides of the American Cup Regatta logo, and decorated with a strong red and white color suture, echo the Japanese flag with color. Connecting a large needle buckle, to protect the watch in the wrist safe, very reliable.

Panerai Luminor Replica Marina 1950 series 3 days power reserve stainless steel watch
Summary: Horizontal on the tablecloth it, more like a wave of waves of sailors, fortitude, tough wind as the Japanese Softbank team generally left a deep impression. To Panerai pillow pillow case to create, coupled with the unique design of the brand crown bridge, so that this excellent timepiece more men style grid style. And other team watches, this watch is also a special edition watch, limited production of 150.

Panerai Replica LUMINOR 1950 series bronze diving watch

At the beginning of this year’s Geneva show, Panerai Replica diving series watch can be said to be shine, we have seen no less than 6 kinds of new Submersible style, and the use of a variety of different case material, from the fine steel To the titanium metal and then rose gold, have their own characteristics. One of the use of color design bronze diving watch 671 I believe we all remember that this is Panerai’s third bronze watch, 2012 Panerai first introduced at that time was regarded as “God table” bronze Watch 382, ​​which is all like Panerai table fans are one of the most unforgettable special watch, followed by the introduction of the second bronze in 2013 507, after a lapse of four years, Panerai again bronze watch Gorgeous to show in front of the world. (Watch model: PAM00671)

Bronze material to create the case
Watch case diameter of 47 mm, completely made of bronze material, this material is copper and pure tin alloy, the seawater and environmental conditions generated by the corrosion effect is extremely high resistance.

The structure of the watch looks so hard, while the material is maintained with a soft primary color, but it will not always maintain this color, with the passage of time, the surface will cover a layer of green embroidery, this is because the bronze and External factors have a reaction; but this does not change the properties of this material, the traces of the years but give each watch a unique charm. Wearer in different time to see the watch is always different look, this is probably the most attractive place of bronze cheap replica watches.
The classic crown bridge device and the rotating bezel with the indexing are also made of bronze, the bezel is used to calculate the dive time, and the patent system developed by Panerai is connected to ensure that each adjustment can be made Accurate and correct.

Sea blue dial layout is very simple, Panerai classic hollow pointer, bar and dot scale have not changed, 3 o’clock position with date display window, 9 o’clock position for the small seconds. Blue dial and bronze case with really look comfortable, blue plate just right to neutralize the color of the bronze case, showing a matte texture, each other to bring out a simple style of navigation.

This bronze diving watch on a very great detail is the retro taste of the use of luminous time, very chronological sense, although the appearance of the bronze watch looks and the current state of slightly not take, but after the case of oxidation, The relationship between them will become more and more visual ornamental. In addition, the dial on the scale, pointer and calendar window numbers are used are the same color, and will not let the simple dial color is too fancy.

Watch with a sailing style suture leather strap and the same matte bronze material buckle.

Direct contact with the wrist of the back of the table made of titanium, the back cover for the sapphire crystal glass. Watch is equipped with P.9010 self-winding movement, this completely by the brand self-made movement of the thickness of only 6mm, than the previous PAM 382 watch on the P.9000 movement also thin 1.9mm, with more Item utility function, for the replica watch to provide three days of power reserve. In addition, the watch quickly adjust the device, so that the hour to one hour before and after the beating, never affect the watch operation.

Panerai PAM 617 watch the overall display
Summary: Panerai Replica Watches this PAM 617 watch with a new way to interpret the brand and the ocean of the indissoluble bond, when the bronze case encountered sea blue dial, retro love words. And before the same, this table is still limited to 1000, with PAM 382 to now still hot precedent, this bronze diving watch the situation is inevitable.

Panerai Replica LUMINOR 1950 series watch

Founded in 1860 in the Panerai Sea, known for its precision machinery and excellent quality. Today’s Panerai Replica to highly recognizable design, the brand’s high degree of recognition occupies a very important part of the sports, leisure field of high-end watch watch market. Italian design style and Swiss professional and technical, making Panerai every watch has a distinctive brand style and excellent quality. In 2017 SIHH Geneva International Senior Watch Salon debut this PAM00682, once appeared in the show attracted attention, followed by Panerai LUMINOR series consistent style: a large dial around the bezel, one piece of the shape of the ear Bridge. And this PAM00682 watch in addition to these elements, it’s what the character is worth attention? Lets come look.

PAM00682 real shot
Relative to the Panerai Conventional are generally 44mm, 47mm or even 49mm case diameter, PAM00682 only 42mm case diameter so many suffer from their wrist slim can not control Panerai’s table friends renaissance on the Panerai Of love. For most men, the 42mm case diameter is an excellent size for everyday wear. In this way, Panerai is not just “short-sleeved”, “summer” to put it on. 9 o’clock small seconds with blue pointer, in the black dial particularly eye-catching, 3 o’clock date display window.

9 o’clock of the small seconds of the blue pointer

LUMINOR series in the end of World War II after getting a better research and development. The new LUMINOR series because of its crown bridge and unique, linear ear has also been strengthened, and with the case with a one-piece casting, the case continues the Radiomir 1940 luxury replica watches pillow case with flat, wide table frame. Now carry this watch case, called Luminor 1950 series.

In the waterproof performance, PAM00682 can be used to make the crown close to the case of the special lever device, can significantly reduce the risk of water vapor into the case, this technology has long been registered as a patented design. At the same time, PAM00682 strap with a rubber material strap, in the daily life of the wear easier to care, especially for those who often need to work in the moisture, water environment and people living.

Drawing stainless steel case, pit bezel, and the bezel on the round rivet-like design, all to reveal the Panerai rough style and fine polished to provide excellent texture.
Panerai unique crown and bridge design, not only enhanced the aesthetic design, but also enhance its waterproof performance, making the LUMINOR 1950 series replica watches more durable. This design has also become a landmark feature of the Panerai brand.

Panerai Luminor series used by the tritium material can be self-luminous, replacing the original radium coating, which is the origin of Luminor series name. This tritium (hydrogen isotope) based compound was patented on January 11, 1949, with the registered trademark “Luminor”. This design greatly enhances the practicality and safety of everyday life, even in the case of professional performance, Panerai’s performance is still excellent, and thus was the bulk order of the army.

This PAM00682 movement using Panerai self-developed self-winding movement cal.9010, 9010 power reserve of 72 hours, long power reserve function, for daily use to provide a convenient. More importantly, the new movement than the original 9000 movement does not change the performance of the case, reducing the thickness, so watch more slim, easy to wear.
Summary: After a long and perfect evolution, the Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series followed the Luminor series of classic and legend, which is the development of the Panerai in the course of abandon and stick to the results of the opposition. Panerai also because of its superb craftsmanship and distinctive style, as many fans fought, one of the collection of cheap replica watches brands. This PAM00682 also has a Panerai excellent lineage and innovative design, worth a visit.