Cheap Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches For Sale

The body and thick crown of the Radiomir enticed attraction among global watch collectors and aficionados. It is not surprising the Radiomir is one of the most desired models from Cheap Panerai Replica after the Luminor. The Radiomir is available in different models, although all the watches in the collection maintain the original shape.

Panerai Radiomir 47mm GoldTech Case and Bezel

Moreover, the watches come with in-house made movements. There are models such as the classic Panerai Replica Watches or the more recent Radiomir 8 Days. The designs of the present Radiomir line pay homage to the original military watches with the use of Super-Luminova lume to retain the “night-ops” military feel.

Although the Radiomir 8 Days 45 mm is the most popular watch in the collection, the “Mediterraneo”, “Edizione Verde Militaire” and “California Dial” models also bring a refreshing uniqueness. This watch collection has a classic-type fashion integrated with an in-house, eight-day movement. Very surprisingly, the steel case has a slightly vintage finish that Panerai is applying for the first time.

The Panerai Radiomir replica watches for sale is not the contemporary version of a classic Panerai, but instead, it is combined and paired with diverse elements, including the inscribed logo and “8 Giorni” crest at three. Some may remark it as underwhelming but, it has been the fundamental blueprint for the contemporary Panerai company.

Panerai Radiomir 48mm Ceramic (Military Green dial)


Usually, Panerai is known to create timepieces with a simple form; this does not differ with the Radiomir collection. The watches are essentially a big cushion-shaped form with a dial of varying colours. The dial has some very fascinating features. For instance, some have a “sandwich” structure, made up of a lower plate coated with Super-Luminova indications and an upper plate with equivalent cut-outs.

Classic Panerai replica watches with real Swiss movement dials were designed in the same way out of necessity; today, the sandwich dial has a bit of a strong fondness, but refreshing even so. Likewise, it applies parchment-coloured Super-Luminova which is yet another sentiment, but it is complimentary with the style.

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal logo 45mm (Superluminova Lume)

Another classic-themed feature is the logo at twelve o’clock, which is inscribed and then brimming with off-white lacquer.It translates as “8 Days Patented”, while the logo enhances the vintage feel of the timepiece, although also providing the dial with a bit of harmony.

The classic sensations are achieved by the extraordinarily domed sapphire crystal that duplicates the Plexiglas found on classic Panerai. Necessarily, the sapphire crystal passes the test; it is appropriately domed, which means it kind of warps the perimeter of the dial when viewed from an angle.


The replicas at the best price case in the Radiomir collection can range from 42 mm to 48 mm. So yes, it certainly is a collection for wrists that prefer big watches. The case for the models is predominantly stainless steel with a few available in ceramic, titanium or the unique Goldtech™.

From afar the stainless steel case has a matte but also indistinctly shiny look, depending on how it is viewed. Panerai points to this as a “Patina” treatment; giving it a military look and feel. This treatment gets rid of the glossy, fresh look of a brand-new watch, without leaving it looking forcefully tired, as some other exterior surfaces turn to, like an old gunmetal coating for example.

Panerai Radiomir 45mm Brown Open Case back

The method of making the Patina surface is a three-step method. Panerai replica watches for men affirms that the case finish was made just like any regular Radiomir case, completely mirror-polished on all areas. Though the finishing of a regular watchcase ends there, this Panerai timepiece carries on with a fast sandblasting and “micro granules”.

The beads applied for the blasting process are finer than usual, ending up in an area with the distinctive divots more broadly spaced. It looks almost like sandpaper was smoothly rubbed on the case, instead of the usual regular, heavily coarse surface applied to watch cases.


All the decoration is simple and done by machine, while the construction is streamlined. Find your favourite panerai replica watch look is mechanical and fuss-free but appropriate for the style and price of the watch. The Radiomir collection is available with various strap and buckle selections.

The straps available include calf leather, alligator leather, rubber or canvas material. The buckle selection is available in polished steel, white gold, pink gold or Goldtech™.

Panerai Radiomir GMT 45mm (Blue dial)


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