Panerai Luminor replica Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio

Panerai’s Luminor series always let some people love and hate. Love, is to love its strong pillow case; a large dial around the bezel; one of the shape of the eye-catching ear and the use of pressure lever to protect the crown from accidental impact damage to the bridge device, these unique Brand elements always let people unable to stop. Hate, it is from their own too thin wrist, coupled with heavy Luminor replica watches always a little sense of incongruity.

And the Panerai Luminor Due appearance is just for this part of the people brought the Gospel, which is loyal to the Panerai Luminor watch original classic aesthetics at the same time, the case thickness than the original slim up to four percent, in the light at the same time interpretation The Panerai iconic watch works.

Luminor Due 45mm three-day power reserve automatic watch has two kinds of material to choose from, using AISI 316L steel quality and 18ct red gold section. Watch the home recently got the steel section (model: PAM00674), its appearance continues the earlier Luminor 1950 case design, and made some changes to make lines more simple and smooth, thinner thickness, wear more Light, and more wild.

Diameter 45mm case all through the polished polished, from the side we can most intuitive feel the thickness of the case changes, only 10.7mm thickness is absolutely suitable for any wrist, worn in the wrist can be more convenient income to the cuff, There is no sense of blocking.

Crown of the classic bridge also reduced the thickness of the perception and touch are more sophisticated and exquisite.

Follow the Panerai replica traditional sandwich structure dial, black dial with sun radiation decoration, the use of bar-shaped time scale and digital display, at 9 o’clock position set a small seconds, simple and easy to read. Ordinary luminous time scale is in the hollow when the standard coated with fluorescent coating, and Panerai sea in the dial by adding a fluorescent layer of the way the panel, so watch the luminous display is more obvious.

For Panerai, the practicality is the brand style that it has always insisted on.

Panerai crocodile leather strap to follow strict standards, in the comfort of wear than most watch brand straps should be excellent. This watch with a pure black crocodile leather strap, texture natural; accompanied by a steel material polishing needle clasp, lateral marked “PANERAI” words.

Equipped with P.4000 movement, but also the brand with the first eccentric micro-pendulum Tuo of the self-winding movement, entirely by the Novartet in Panerai replica watches factory independent research and development and production. The use of eccentric pendulum Tuo technology to significantly reduce the thickness of the movement, the movement thickness of only 3.95mm, diameter of 31mm, the movement is equipped with a bridge plate, the side of the two-way micro-pendulum and pendulum pendulum. The latter is equipped with double support, than the conventional single-support cantilever wheel plywood is more secure and stable. The support consists of two screws for adjusting the balance of the balance wheel. Two tandem barrels have at least three days of power reserve. Horizontal frosted bridge, blue engraved and tungsten alloy pendulum Tuo, the matte surface with relief decoration.

This section of the watch, we also use professional equipment for a full string of six-position accuracy test. At the same time, in order to give you a friend of a reference, we selected the editorial wrist of the thinest men wear this watch to shoot, you can look at the upper wrist effect.

Edit the wrist circumference 15cm, wear this watch no heavy feeling, and even if the table diameter to 45mm is still not significant, the watch can be very easy income into the dress shirt.

Summary: It can be said, Luminor Due series for the Panerai opened a new chapter, changed in this before that Panerai people think of rough, the inherent impression of movement. Its simple lines; smooth appearance; more slim and lightweight case so that the wearer in the enjoyment of the traditional brand of traditional watches at the same time, more taste elegant, thin, fashion and other unprecedented new experience. This watch has been in the domestic sale, the domestic official offer: 75,500 RMB. Panerai Luminor Due series in addition to 45 mm these two cheap replica watches there are 42 mm style, the same steel and red gold two kinds of material selection, equipped with Panerai P.1000 manual winding movement.

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