Panerai Luna Rossa Challenger Submersible PAM 1039 Replica Watch

Luxury Panerai Replica Watches brands sponsoring sporting events that one fit into a more upper-class lifestyle makes a certain sort of sense. I mean, if you’ve got the coin to spend on, say, the training, equipment, and the like for things like equestrian sports or sailing, well, you’re probably not going to be kicking around with your high school calculator Best Panerai Replica watch on your wrist, now are you? There are several high-end brands that likely come to mind when you’re thinking of sailing, but one that has never come to my mind would be Panerai.

The Cheap Panerai Replica 47mm case could hardly be considered a lightweight. You change that material over to carbon fiber – the exact same stuff that the hull of the boat Panerai is sponsoring is made out of – then you’ve got a different story. It’s light, it’s tough, and it won’t corrode in salt water. Good start, right? Add in a dial that’s made up of bits of the sail on the Luna Rossa AC75, and you’ve got something that thematically fits right in with the boat – literally.

While large, carbon fiber does lighten things up, and makes for a unique feel on the wrist. The Panerai Replica Watches sail treatment on the dial also lightens things up a bit – sort of how some brands will “age” a dial – while giving some interesting texture. There’s also no denying how the hands and indices pop out against the dial.

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