Panerai Replica Watches Are Wild And Full Of Life

Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm ref. PAM01313

We have become subtle. We are bold. Now that we’ve found Cheap Panerai Replica, I think it’s a typical Italian watch. Of course, the brand is more Swiss than Italian at this point, at least in terms of manufacturing.

However, the history and design of Panerai is proud of Florence. To round out this vivid presentation of some of the best of the Mediterranean, what better way to represent it than a blue watch as cool as the Mediterranean itself, with plenty of water history to boot.

The Panerai Luminor Marina is 44 mm Replica Watches in diameter, referenced from here on PAM01313, the latest addition to Panerai’s long range of marine watches. Like the U-Boat, shown here is a unique crown guard. In this case, however, it’s small enough to justify keeping it on the right.


The sandwich dial with luminous material on the bottom (no more radium, thank goodness), is typical Panerai. The same goes for the numbers every three hours. Featuring a date window at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock, the PAM01313 is modernized by the automatic P.9010, one of Panerai’s workhorse movements.

Pretty large, and just pretty

Yes, the case is big, but if the Italians have taught us anything, it’s that it’s okay to wear a big watch. There are sure to be some strong Italians who really enjoy the attention to the crowd on their wrists, but I assure you, not everyone who wears big Italian clothes has Andre the Giant’s wrists. Panerai 1:1 replica watches swiss has been around long enough to prove that big watches can be elegant, and this is especially true of the PAM01313.


Elegance is the name of the game for PAM01313. Although Panerai’s roots lie in the field of tool watches, its Italian-inspired design brings an unavoidable style not unlike that found in Unimatic industrial design.

Mixed with the polished and brushed surfaces of the stainless steel case, the PAM01313’s sunburst blue dial and blue strap reads: “I used to dive. Now I enjoy life.” Don’t underestimate the PAM01313, though. The Perfect Panerai  PAM01313 Replica Watch is water-resistant to 300 meters, but you’ll need to replace the elegant alligator leather strap first.


Panerai — bold elegance worth noting

The fact that Panerai copy watches online lovers have a name – “Paneristi” – should tell you everything you need to know. I would safely say that the ideal owner of a PAM01313 is someone who understands the finer things in life and doesn’t worry about enjoying them.

Panerai is not a Rolex, but I dare say that having Panerai as an everyday wearer is similar to what an everyday wearer Rolex achieves, but with a completely different focus on priorities.


It would be a shame to let this waterproofness go to waste. Impromptu midnight Mediterranean trips with new acquaintances are quickly abandoned. I doubt if a Cheapest Panerai Replica Watch ever gets someone home, but Panerai certainly won’t get in the way of that.

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